Breakout groups: Integrated Technical and Social Science Solutions to Key Challenges in Preserving/Promoting College Student Health

   1. Stress as a badge of honor
         Co-Leads: Gloria Mark, Inbal Nahum-Shani
Participants: Justin Longo, David Shor, and Bing Wang
Scribe: Andrea Barbarin
   2. Mental health, safety, stigma and integrated health care
         Co-Leads: Mani Srivastava, Stephen Schueller
Participants: Diana Freed, Andrew Campbell, and Chris Riesbeck
Scribe: Rui Wang
   3. How to align with administration, trustees, and community stakeholders
         Co-Leads: David Kotz, Danielle Dick
Participants: Rumi Chunara, David Conroy, Camille Nebeker, and Sandeep Gupta
Scribe: Susan Hood
   4. Making preventive health behaviors sexy and sustained
         Co-Leads: Deepak Ganesan, Christine Pellegrini
Participants: Vasant Honavar, Eric Hekler, Gokhan Memik, and Edison Thomaz
Scribe: Kevin Moran
   5. Self-regulation challenges: academics, time management, and bingeing
         Co-Leads: Anind Dey, Andrea Kass
Participants: Daniel Eisenberg, Larry Birnbaum, and Ashley Mason
Scribe: Angela Pfammatter
   6. How to build and spread social norms for a (cool, balanced) culture of health
         Co-Leads: Deborah Estrin, Erik Johnston
Participants: Peter Dinda, Wendy Nilsen, Hari Sundaram, Nabil Alshurafa, and Munmun De Choudhury
Scribe: Sara Hoffman