Call for Vision Statements

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is sponsoring and Northwestern University is hosting a National Workshop on Future Technology to Preserve College Student Health and Foster Wellbeing. The workshop will bring together thought leaders in computer science and in the behavioral, social, and health sciences to discuss advances in science and technology that are needed to preserve college student health. The workshop has three goals:

  • Identify Grand Challenges in the behavioral, social, and health sciences and in computer science (human computer interaction (HCI), sensing, and analytics) that can lead to trans-formative advances in smart and connected college health.
  • Identify the major barriers to engaging technology researchers and health scientists in studying smart and connected strategies to preserve and promote college student wellbeing.
  • Establish a cross-disciplinary community of researchers with the goal of establishing a test bed of college students at different universities that have dense digital data.
This 1.5 day workshop will be held on July 30-31, 2015 at the Northwestern University Medical School campus in Chicago, IL.

Two-page submissions are invited that propose a new vision for one or more of the three goals described above. The vision papers must propose new ideas and a rationale for their applicability to Smart and Connected Health. For example, a good submission would describe incipient computing and/or engineering research or behavioral/social science/biomedical research that could disrupt/transform the current state of research or practice in college student health. Although the proposed vision can draw upon prior works, vision papers primarily describing published or ongoing research will be considered unresponsive. In addition to describing the proposed vision, the proposer must describe the background and credentials of the proposer (limited to half page). Prior experience with Smart and Connected Health research is not necessary. Also, there are no restrictions on the native academic discipline of the proposer.

The proposer can acknowledge other contributors, but must identify the lead proposer who will be invited to participate if the vision paper is accepted. The workshop attendance is by invitation only due to space limitations. Travel expenses (up to $1,400) will be reimbursed via an NSF grant to Northwestern University.

Format & submission: The vision papers must be limited to 2 pages with 1 inch margins and 10 point Arial font or larger. The vision papers in PDF version are to be submitted here.

Important Dates

    July 5, 2015: Whitepaper Submission Deadline
    July 10, 2015: Invitations Extended
    July 30-31, 2015: Workshop Days